On July 21, 2015, the Regional Government of of Castilla y León (CyL, Spain) officially declared the Group MathPhys-CyL (Mathematical Physics in CyL) to be one of the “Consolidated Research Units” of this Region (UIC 011).

This distinction was confirmed for the period 2018-2011.

The group MathPhys-CyL is formed by 15 researchers of the universities of Burgos, Salamanca and Valladolid:

MathPhys-UBu (University of Burgos)

MathPhys-USal (University of Salamanca)

MathPhys-UVa (University of Valladolid)

Present PhD Students:

  • Eduardo Fernández Saiz, U. Burgos.
  • Iván Gutiérrez Sagredo, U. Burgos.
  • Tayebeh Mohamadian, U. Guilan (Rasht, Iran) & U. Valladolid.
  • César Romaniega Sancho, U. Valladolid.
  • Lucía Santamaría Sanz, U. Valladolid.
  • Marcos Tello Fraile, U. Valladolid.

Research Support:

  • Miguel Rodríguez Rosa (JCyL-UVa).
  • Berta Minguela Domingo (JCyL-UVa).

 Theses researchers work together in several complementary research lines, with the goal of make relevant advances. These are the main research topics under progress:

  • Mathemathical methods in quantum technologies.
  • Geometric techniques in Physics.
  • Integrable, superintegrable and supersymmetric systems.
  • Resonances and quantum unstable states.
  • Topological defects in Quantum Field Theories.
  • Theoretical study of new materials of applied relevance: graphene, fullerene, nanowires and nanoribbons.
  • Singular potentials.
  • Sturm-Liouville problems.
  • Quantum groups and noncommutative geometry.

On the international side, the group receives every year a good number of reputed researchers from all around the world. On the other hand, short and long research stays of the members of the team in foreign research centers are also frequent.

In addition, the group as a whole is deeply involved in providing a solid background to young scientists, as well as disseminate the results obtained in the research process attending high level conferences and publishing research papers in top journals. We also organize high level international conferences on topics directly related with our field of expertise, and we are very interested in taking part in popular science activities. The next objective is to explore seriously possible collaborations with enterprises (mainly in the domain of new materials) mentioned above.